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Ingenuity Black Rubber & Metal Parker 5TH Pen With Gold Trim

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    Ingenuity Black Rubber and Metal GT
    Black Ink
    Ink Color
    Brass & Gold PVD Plated Trim
    Trims Metal
    Soft Touch Lacquer
    Soft Touch Lacquer
    Cap Material
    The next generation in Fine Writing. Combining breakthrough innovation and daring style, Parker Ingenuity is Parker's pioneer. Using the unique patented 5TH technology, it instantly adapts to every unique handwriting style to deliver an effortlessly smooth writing experience.

    The Finish
    Lacquered in a black finish with a rubber effect for an extremely soft touch, textured with a woven pattern. Adorned with an elegant etched pattern on its grip section. Complemented with gold PVD finish trims and rings

    The Trim
    Gold finish